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Insights From the Loss Control Executive Summit

To get the ear of the C-level executives, risk control professionals must demonstrate value to the business. This was the overarching theme of the Loss Control Executive Summit.

The panel included senior executives in loss control, Steven Hernandez, CSP, ARM, from Chubb & Sons; Christine Sullivan, CSP, ARM, from Lockton Cos.; Connie Bayne, CSP, from Liberty Mutual Insurance; Chris Iovino, CSP, ARM, from AON Risk Services; and Bill Boyd, CSP, CIH, CPE, from CNA.

The panelists talked about how their firms add value for their clients, offered some insight into the future of loss control, their perspectives on predictive modeling, how they see technology affecting loss control and what they look for when hiring staff.

While technical expertise is important, each panelist talked about additional key abilities when it comes to hiring staff. Iovino stressed that loss control professionals must understand the financial and business side. Bayne added that the ability to communicate well, and more importantly, the ability to effectively listen and understand business needs and drivers, is critical.

Hernandez pointed out that 15 years ago, candidates were assessed based on safety and scientific expertise. Today, the firm looks for people who understand business. Loss control or technical knowledge can be taught, but the business understanding is crucial.

Sullivan and Boyd pointed to the ability to develop relationships, and develop those relationships as professionals.

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