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Avoiding Death By PowerPoint

In his presentation, Bag of Tricks: Presentation Design, Don Weatherbee of Reichhold Inc., shared guidelines and tips for creating presentations that engage people—not put them to sleep.

Weatherbee outlined four key elements of any presentation—speaker, audience, location and “the deck” (the “slides”); examined delivery platforms; and highlighted three types of training—topic-based, task-based and story-based.

One thing any trainer must remember, Weatherbee said, is that PowerPoint is not Word. “Think of PowerPoint as a billboard,” he said. That means don’t overload slides with too much information and remember that images speak louder than words.

At the end of the fast-moving session, Weatherbee asked the audience to guess how many slides had been in his presentation. Guesses ranged from 45 to 90. The actual number was 200—but it certainly didn’t feel like it. Best of all, Weatherbee didn’t use one bullet point.

You can view his presentation at

Thanks to ASSE’s Training and Communication Branch of the RM/I Practice Specialty for sponsoring this session!


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