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Session 662, Lessons From Past ASSE Presidents and Fellows

Delmar E. Tally, P.E., CSP; Margaret M. Carroll, P.E., CSP; Mark D. Hansen, P.E., CSP, CPE, CPEA. The thousands of volunteer hours amassed between these three speakers—each a past president and ASSE Fellow—is mind boggling. As each spoke, one couldn’t help but reflect on the changes that have been effected within the Society and the SH&E profession due to their leadership and guidance.

Between them, they inspired, led and spearheaded change that launched the ASSE Foundation, elevated the Society to be recognized as the source for SH&E expertise, restructured the Society to manage the profession, bringing safety to the next level.

Hearing from influential leaders spanning the past three decades is humbling and moving. Every volunteer leader, as well as students and members interested in pursuing leadership roles within the Society, should hear this session.

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