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Session 632: The Uninspiring Leader

The most important competency for a leader, and yet the skill that people are least effective at, said speaker and author Joseph Folkman, is the ability to inspire and motivate others.

To help illustrate this quality, Folkman enlisted the assistance of Matt Foley, who he found in a van down by the river. In an explosive surprise appearance, Foley told the audience, “you’re not going to amount to jack squat!”

Kidding aside, Folkman talked about the uninspiring leader, something most in the audience were familiar with. He talked about what he calls “fatal flaws” of these leaders. We all have lists of things we can improve upon, but fatal flaws are the deal breakers.

Among these fatal flaws is lack of clear direction and purpose. When hiking, most people will look at their feet, and miss the beautiful vista on the horizon. Leaders need to reinforce their vision, rather than focus on the to-do list—the right now.

To hear more of this engaging session, order session 632 audio recording at the CD sales booth (Level 3, in front of the Service Center) or check out his book, The Inspiring Leader.

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