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The Future of Training Today

Training of employees is perhaps the single biggest challenge to the safety professional today. Training needs to ensure that employees can recognize workplace hazards, follow control processes and use equipment necessary to work safely on the job.

Traditional classroom training with a credible instructor can be epensive. Employees are becoming dispersed with jobs that don’t always have a home base. Mass training of employees with a one-size-fits-all curriculum does not always meet the learner’s specific needs. Essentially, the nature of training is changing.

•Training needs to provide learners with what they need to know when they need to know it.

•Training content must be relevant and specific to their work tasks.

•Employees need the flexibility to take training when and where they want.

•Training needs to be delivered on a variety of electronic devices from laptops to tablets to mobile phones.

To meet these needs, you need to consider a system that allows employees to educate themselves in a manner that gives them rapid access to the information that they need to keep themselves safe and provides the flexibility to adapt the information to the specific needs of the organization. The system needs to support the delivery of a wide variety of content from written documents, to videos to interactive training from any content source including vendors, producers and in-house.

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