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Nancy Goodman Brinker Delivers Inspiring Keynote

Ambassador Nancy Goodman Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the global leader of the breast cancer movement, delivered Tuesday’s keynote address. In 2009, Brinker received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and was named Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control for the United Nations’ World Health Organization.

Brinker shared her personal story of the origin of her concept of The Power of One. Some 35 years ago, she promised her sister, Susan G. Komen, that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer. Since 1982, Komen for the Cure has invested more than $1.9 billion to fulfill that promise, and has become the world’s largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to breast cancer research.

Brinker stressed the importance of focusing on one thing that drives you, the one thing that makes you get up in the morning, and make that your life’s mission. “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” Brinker said. “In your own work, never doubt the power you have. One person can change the world.”

Stop by the ASSE Store and buy a pink ASSE shirt to show your support for the cure.

Thank you to SAFESTART for sponsoring today’s keynote address!

Nancy Goodman Brinker Book Signing

Ambassador Nancy Goodman Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, will sign copies of her book, Promise Me, following today’s general session. The signing will be held just out outside the Skyline Ballroom at McCormick Place West. Come hear her inspirational message of hope.

Sponsor Spotlight: Aon
Associate Sponsor

Two business units from Aon ( are presenting at Safety 2011: Aon eSolutions and Aon Global Risk Consulting. Aon eSolutions provides technology-based tools—AonLine, iVOS, RiskConsole and SafetyLogic—that improve the management of risk, insurance and safety programs by aggregating data, streamlining business processes and optimizing resources.

Aon Global Risk Consulting’s team of more than 600 risk control, claims management and engineering consultants benchmark risk management performance against best practices and deliver innovations in areas such as safety assessment and culture improvement, product risk management, ergonomics and fleet safety.

Visit Aon at Booth #116 in the exposition hall or contact Steven Hirsch at (eSolutions); or Christopher Iovino at (consulting).

And be sure to check out these sessions presented by Aon employees:
*Session 634 (Tuesday, 3:00-4:15): Sustainable Fleet: Impact of Fleet Safety Management on Sustainability Goals—Nancy Bendickson Room 179A
*Session 641 (Tuesday, 3:00-4:15): Contractors in Contingency Operations: Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom—Daniel Rollino Room 176A
*Session 712 (Wednesday, 7:45-9:00): Integrating Your Approach to Safety and Claims Management—David W. Bartko, Christina Bergman and Theresa Everett Room 186
*Session 738 (Wednesday, 9:15-10:30): Experience Modification Rates: Are They an Accurate Measure of Safety?—Richard Church Room 194 A/B
*Session 739 (Wednesday, 9:15-10:30): Loss Control Executive Summit—Christopher Iovino Room 186
*Session 7150 (Wednesday, 3:15-4:15): Told Employee to Play Attention: How Is Your Investigation Process Performing?—Rene E. Hilgemann Room 196B

Aon also is a sponsoring organization of the new Center for Safety and Health Sustainability (

A Safety Slogan From ASSE’s Nancy O’Toole:

"Hearing protection is a sound investment."

Thanks, Senesear, for exhibiting at ASSE’s Safety 2011 conference!

Center for Safety & Health Sustainability Launch Ceremony

ASSE, AIHA and IOSH have collaborated to create The Center for Safety & Health Sustainability. The center’s purpose: To give voice to safety and health professionals in the growing sustainability movement.

“These types of initiatives are so important to health and safety,” said IOSH President Steve Granger at the launch event. “It drives health and safety straight up to the board rooms” of corporations.

The Center is an organizational stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative, an organization that pioneered the reporting framework that companies worldwide use to truly quantify their sustainability efforts with comparable metrics—not just rely on advertising slogans about how “green” they are.

After the presidents of the three founding organizations signed the official agreement launching the center, Tom Cecich, ASSE’s Vice President, Professional Affairs recognized the organizations and individuals that have lent their support for the new nonprofit center. Those supporters are: ABB, Rixio Medina & Associates, Aon, BP and Karl Jacobson

Learn more about CSHS at

Plenary Session: Refreshing Take

Rewarding and refreshing to hear that NIOSH and OSHA are working together on safety initiatives and encouraging public comments through the various steps of the rulemaking process to ensure, as Dr. Michaels stated, “that we get it right.”

Dr. Howard emphasized the partnership with OSHA, having ASSE support and being more involved on safety-related issues.

Other highlights included eliminating outdated standards for OSHA and improving the NIOSH website to include surveys and databases from multiple sources including Gallup. This would provide safety professionals immediate one-stop searching for various metrics.

Dr. Howard further stressed the need for training beyond specialty safety curricula to include two to three different disciplines.

—Contributed by Frank D’Orsi

Professional Safety is really top-notch. It’s probably my single most favorite resource.

As heard in the ASSE Service Center

ASSE Hosts Panel Discussion With OSHA and NIOSH

ASSE’s Diana Stegall sat down with OSHA’s David Michaels and NIOSH’s John Howard to talk about their agencies’ role in some of the hot button topics on the minds of SH&E professionals.

When asked about the perceived regulatory burden posed by I2P2, Michaels responded that the agency wants to “get it right,” and that the input of SH&E professionals is a very important component. In a video message, a student asked where I2P2 will come into play for him after graduation. “Certainly there will be more activity for SH&E professionals down the line,” Michaels said.

On shrinking budgets and increased demands, NIOSH’s John Howard pointed to the importance of increased partnerships. “It’s not just government that makes American workplaces safe. It’s all of you.” He stressed the importance for the agency to get out of the laboratory and partner with SH&E professionals to see how things work out in the real world.

Stegall asked what each agency is doing to promote safety and health as a viable career field. With increased government activity in a certain area, Michaels said, there is an increased demand for those professionals. So OSHA can help promote the profession by “doing a good job” with workplace safety and health. Howard emphasized the importance of enlarging the scope of practice for the profession. The challenge for the profession is to figure out how to train people as generalists, and move away from being specialists in one area.

Watch this blog for video of the session!

A safety slogan from ASSE’s Nancy O’Toole:

"Momma didn’t raise no fool. I use PPE to stay cool."

With thanks to MSA—ASSE appreciates your support!

In the first two Expo exclusive sessions, we already have 90 leads!

As heard in the Expo hall

Sponsor Spotlight: Chubb & Son

Silver Sponsor

ASSE has partnered with several corporations this year. Many are sponsoring activities during Safety 2011. Let’s take a look at Chubb & Son.

Company profile: For nearly 130 years, the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies ( has been delivering property and casualty insurance products and services to businesses and individuals around the world. Today, Chubb is the 11th largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S. and has a worldwide network of some 120 offices in 27 countries staffed by 10,200 employees. For more than 60 years, Chubb’s commercial risk engineers have provided an array of services to help customers eliminate or minimize loss potential.

Chubb is sponsoring several sessions during Safety 2011—be sure to check your program book for complete details. Several Chubb employees are also presenting during the conference:
*Session 621 (Tuesday, 10:45-11:45): Distracted Driving: What’s Your Company’s Policy?—Tim Murphy Room 183C
*Session 603 (Tuesday, 10:45-11:45): A Multinational Look at Building Codes—Steve Muser Room 179B
*Session 652 (Tuesday, 3:00-4:15): Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection 101C Room 184A
*Session 708 (Wednesday, 7:45-9:00): Hot Work Programs and the Human Factor—Erik Olsen Room 180
*Session 739 (Wednesday, 9:15-10:30): Loss Control Executive Summit—Steve Hernandez Room 186

Everybody seems happy. It’s definitely a celebratory mood at Safety 2011!

As heard in the Expo hall

Meet the Host Chapters!

Be sure to visit the Chicagoland Chapter in Booth #1160 in the Expo hall. The chapter has done a great job organizing tours and activities for this year’s conference.

Also be sure to stop by the Colorado Chapter—Booth #1061—to see what’s on tap for Safety 2012, June 3-6, in Denver.

Great things are happening in ASSE. Be part of it.

Meet the ASSE President

Come and share your feedback, needs and insights with 2010-11 ASSE President Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP, in the Meet the President booth in the ASSE Service Center. Darryl will meet with members one-on-one on Monday from 3:30 to 4:00.

If you can’t make it Monday, President-Elect Terrie S. Norris, CSP, ARM, will meet with members from 10:00 to 10:45.

Take advantage of these great opportunities to engage with your Society leaders and find out how you can get more involved and influence ASSE’s future!

Social Media & Smart Phones Session

One of the first concurrent sessions on the program focused on social media, smart phones and new technology, and how these can be useful to the SH&E professional. Speaker Aaron Bird demystified what is new territory for many in the field. In this basic-level session, attendees got a little background on where social media came from, the value and power we can get out of it, as well as some of the risks and benefits. During the Q&A, a few attendees were looking for specific apps or tools useful to the SH&E professional. Bird’s quick list included documents such as the NIOSH pocket guide, OSHA regs and safety talks, as well as on the job tools like a panic button for lone workers and audit management.

Thanks to the Academic and Industrial Hygiene practice specialties, for sponsoring this informative session!

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