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Executives Advise SH&E Professionals

During the Safety 2011 Executive Summit, a panel of high-ranking corporate executives shared their insights on how SH&E professionals can be more effective and have greater influence. When asked what advice they could give attendees to take back to their workplaces, each executive provided some sage counsel.

“Read The Logic of Failure,” advised Anne Pramaggione, president and COO of Commonwealth Edison. “It explains how people think and make decisions. She also said, “At the end of the day, it’s about people. The role of leader is personal, not isolated. Engage with the people being asked to take safe actions.”

Jim Cristman, vice president and general manager of CITGO Lemont Refinery, shared this strong advice: “No regrets. Don’t wait to say it, don’t wait to do it,” he said about working to advance safety.

Charlie Bacon, chair and CEO of Limbach Facility Services, stressed caring as the key change agent in companies. “When people care about a company because they know the company cares about them,” the investment in safety can have a “ginormous return on investment,” he said.

Boeing’s Atsuo Miyake encouraged SH&E professionals to be problem solvers and to be persistent. Quoting Winston Churchill, Mikayke said, “Success is to go from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm.” Miyake is corporate director of EHS, commercial airlines.

Susan Lewis, corporate director of EH&S Operating, Dow Chemical, pointed to her industry responsible care initiative as an important guiding principle and emphasized the safety-first mind-set. “Instead of thou shalts, we need to encourage I wills,” she explained. “We want people to feel strange if they aren’t operating in a safety-first mind-set.”

Thanks to BP for sponsoring the Executive Summit!

A Safety Slogan from ASSE’s Nancy O’Toole

"Personal protective equipment is self- defense."

Thanks, Protective Industrial Products, for exhibiting at Safety 2011! Hope to see you in Denver!

There’s a reason we can reach so high, and it’s because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Mark Hansen, ASSE Fellow and past president

Session 662, Lessons From Past ASSE Presidents and Fellows

Delmar E. Tally, P.E., CSP; Margaret M. Carroll, P.E., CSP; Mark D. Hansen, P.E., CSP, CPE, CPEA. The thousands of volunteer hours amassed between these three speakers—each a past president and ASSE Fellow—is mind boggling. As each spoke, one couldn’t help but reflect on the changes that have been effected within the Society and the SH&E profession due to their leadership and guidance.

Between them, they inspired, led and spearheaded change that launched the ASSE Foundation, elevated the Society to be recognized as the source for SH&E expertise, restructured the Society to manage the profession, bringing safety to the next level.

Hearing from influential leaders spanning the past three decades is humbling and moving. Every volunteer leader, as well as students and members interested in pursuing leadership roles within the Society, should hear this session.

Stop by the CD sales booth in front of the Service Center for information on ordering.

If you don’t have a vision of where you want to go, you’re probably not going to go anywhere.

Margaret Carroll, ASSE Fellow and past president

Session 632: The Uninspiring Leader

The most important competency for a leader, and yet the skill that people are least effective at, said speaker and author Joseph Folkman, is the ability to inspire and motivate others.

To help illustrate this quality, Folkman enlisted the assistance of Matt Foley, who he found in a van down by the river. In an explosive surprise appearance, Foley told the audience, “you’re not going to amount to jack squat!”

Kidding aside, Folkman talked about the uninspiring leader, something most in the audience were familiar with. He talked about what he calls “fatal flaws” of these leaders. We all have lists of things we can improve upon, but fatal flaws are the deal breakers.

Among these fatal flaws is lack of clear direction and purpose. When hiking, most people will look at their feet, and miss the beautiful vista on the horizon. Leaders need to reinforce their vision, rather than focus on the to-do list—the right now.

To hear more of this engaging session, order session 632 audio recording at the CD sales booth (Level 3, in front of the Service Center) or check out his book, The Inspiring Leader.

The Future of Training Today

Training of employees is perhaps the single biggest challenge to the safety professional today. Training needs to ensure that employees can recognize workplace hazards, follow control processes and use equipment necessary to work safely on the job.

Traditional classroom training with a credible instructor can be epensive. Employees are becoming dispersed with jobs that don’t always have a home base. Mass training of employees with a one-size-fits-all curriculum does not always meet the learner’s specific needs. Essentially, the nature of training is changing.

•Training needs to provide learners with what they need to know when they need to know it.

•Training content must be relevant and specific to their work tasks.

•Employees need the flexibility to take training when and where they want.

•Training needs to be delivered on a variety of electronic devices from laptops to tablets to mobile phones.

To meet these needs, you need to consider a system that allows employees to educate themselves in a manner that gives them rapid access to the information that they need to keep themselves safe and provides the flexibility to adapt the information to the specific needs of the organization. The system needs to support the delivery of a wide variety of content from written documents, to videos to interactive training from any content source including vendors, producers and in-house.

Thanks to CLMI for being one of ASSE’s Centennial Sponsors!

—Contributed by CLMI Safety Training

Sponsor Spotlight: CLMI Safety Training
Centennial Sponsor

Company profile: Founded in 1984, CLMI Safety Training ( is a leading source for safety training videos and programs. CLMI has received several professional awards for its safety training products and serves a client base that includes many Fortune 1000 companies. CLMI’s programs, available in video and online formats, detail, in laymen’s terms, a “blueprint” with step-by-step instructions.

CLMI is the only training company owned and operated by CSPs. Richard Pollock, CSP, is the founder and President of CLMI Safety Training. He started the company with a vision of making safety and OSHA training and compliance easy for employers. CLMI works to ensure that its videos and programs engage adult learners so they watch and want to work safely.

Visit CLMI at Booth # 719 in the exposition hall or contact Rick Johnson at

CLMI also is sponsoring the Transportation Practice Specialty Roundtable, “The Impact of CSA 2010,” which will be held Wednesday, 9:15-10:30 in Room 176B.

A Safety Slogan from ASSE’s Nancy O’Toole

"While on a ladder never step back to admire your work."

Thanks, Little Giant Ladder Systems, for exhibiting at ASSE’s Safety 2011!

From Where We Came

There’s still time to take a walk through ASSE’s Safety Through the Ages exhibit at Safety 2011. The exhibit will be open 7:30 am until noon on Wednesday. Be sure to take a look at the many cool artifacts, timelines and stories of safety’s history!


Session Cancellation: Please note that Session 701 Pipelines and Grids: Tools from Executive Coaching for Safety Leaders has been cancelled. This session was originally scheduled to run on Wednesday at 7:45am.

What’s the best reason to come to Safety 2011?

Got Something to Say?

Have you ever considered writing an article for Professional Safety journal? It might be easier than you think. PS has several mentors available who can provide guidance and advice to aspiring authors. Contribute to the discourse of your profession! Stop by the PS booth in the Service Center to pick up an author guidelines brochure.

Session 609: Change Anything

In this session, presenter David Maxfield, Ph.D., from VitalSmarts, talked about how to achieve change. “Our approach to change has failed in the 20th century,” he said. He gave an overview of the six sources of influence that are behind behaviors. Identifying those influences and then turning them to work for us, instead of against us, are key to achieving change.

Learn more about Maxfield’s research at booth #770, or visit

Great Conference Underway

Arrived to the convention center early, lots of people already here and eagerly awaiting the opening session. Opening session did not disappoint…. very awesome!!! Perfect way to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of ASSE (and 50th PDC).

Keynote speaker, Dan Pink, was very good…innnovative ideas and excellent speaker.

All officers and volunteers are doing a tremendous job…feels like a Hollywood awards show (not that I’ve been, but based on what I’ve seen).

Breakout sessions were good/average…hope others chose sessions that they liked.

Great opening day for the 100th PDC. Looking forward to exploring/enjoying the great city of Chicago.

—Contributed by Todd Loushine, Assistant Professor of Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

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